Motion Man Releases Sophomore Album With Kutmasta Kurt

Threshold Recordings proudly announces another Motion Man / Kutmasta Kurt collaboration entitled Pablito’s Way that will be released on September 12th, 2006. Although Motion Man has appeared on dozens of other established rapper’s songs, Pablito’s Way marks Motion’s second full-length solo album.

Kutmasta Kurt‘s signature production sound showcases Motion’s distinct, animated voice and offbeat flow on Pablito’s Way. The album also features guest artists Too Short, Mistah Fab, Fat Hed & LC, Dizzy Dustin from Ugly Ducking, Gift of Gab, DJ Q-Bert, and the legendary Kool Keith.

Motion Man Releases Sophomore Album With Kutmasta KurtTo people in the know, Motion Man is a hip-hop veteran. For those who aren’t familiar with Motion, they will be impressed by his notable resume. He’s been rapping since the late 80’s, and along the way has collaborated with Busta Rhymes, E-40, Kool Keith and Biz Markie, among others.

In fact, Motion’s best known work has been as a guest emcee on projects like DJ Vadim’s "The Terrorist" and Linkin Park’s "In The End." In the early 90’s Motion’s freestyles filled the airwaves on "The Wake Up Show" with Sway and King Tech, which eventually led to a deal with Tommy Boy/ Step Sun Records. But like many Cali rappers at the time, Motion got lost in the major label shuffle and was eventually dropped.

In 2000, LA producer Kutmasta Kurt signed Motion to his indie label Threshold Recordings. Soon after, Motion’s debut release Clearing the Field was released, garnering rave reviews. Motion Man is once again set to swell the ranks of those in the know with his clever wordplay, comical perspective, and refreshingly distinct style on Pabilto’s Way.

Motion Man Releases Sophomore Album With Kutmasta KurtNamed after Motion’s birth name and childhood nickname (in Spanish), this upcoming record was done entirely Pablito’s way. With total artistic control over the project, Motion orchestrated the entire album from start to finish.

Says Motion, "This album is like a full 21 course meal; there’s something for everyone’s taste from all walks of life." The album’s title track, "Pablito’s Way," blends a laid-back dub bass line, mariachi horns, Kurt’s acerbic scratches, and Motion’s signature Cali-flow. The 16 bar verse-chorus-verse template is thrown out the window on the single "One Time For Ya Mind," as Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) and Motion trade off amazingly complex extended verses, proving that they are both lyricists’ lyrists.

This release showcases Motion’s chameleon-like ability to blend and switch up styles and vocal phrasing. Together, Motion Man and Kutmasta Kurt flex their muscle as one of the most versatile pairs in the game. Watch out for the musica picante when Pablito’s Way hits the streets on September 12th.

Motion Man Releases Sophomore Album With Kutmasta Kurt

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