mchngndrms - Move Your Feet

mchngndrms (machine dreams) began his musical journey as a commercial drummer in New York City. Currently, he’s a Los Angeles-based producer and recording artist. He creates high-spirited and infectious tracks inspired by trap, drill, and EDM.

His lyrics boast a bicoastal attitude and a refreshingly vulnerable look into the artist’s psyche and the pitfalls of success. mchngndrms describes his production style as “global and minimalist“. You’ll hear a real mix of cultures, genres, and styles — not just from the US, but East Africa and the UK as well.

His latest single, ‘Move Your Feet‘, was inspired by two different kinds of pandemic phenomena – the BLM movement and the expectation that quarantine would end sooner than projected.

The song alludes to how we all desperately want to go out and party despite the present circumstances. While that desire is brewing inside our homes, Black people continue to struggle and mobilize against racialized policing.

mchngndrms shares, “I really wanted to create a high-energy song that touches on the social impact of the pandemic. I think it opened a lot of people’s eyes to the radicalized police brutality that’s been happening over and over again“.

‘Move Your Feet’ is a track that makes you want to party. The song is a mix of dubstep and trap production. It has hip-hop lyrics that will resonate with fans of both rap and electronic music.

Listen to mchngndrms’ ‘Move Your Feet’ on SoundCloud and Spotify.

mchngndrms  - Move Your Feet

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