Mister Gee

Mr Gee, DJ, poet and radio presenter for BBC’s Bespoken Word started out alongside AfroBoy in the DJ unit “Afro-Gee” mainly playing Hip Hop & Funk at clubs & bars around South London. In 2003 Mr Gee became resident poet and went on to host ‘Brixtongue’  at Brixton Art Gallery.

It was at this night that Mr Gee started to hone his talent as a Spoken Word artist and quickly became well-known among London’s vibrant Spoken Word scene. His poems have an intricate rhyme structure which generally gives away his Hip Hop DJ background, and his African & Caribbean roots form the perspective from which he crafts his lyrics using words to paint pictures of modern life in London.

Mister GeeBy 2004, Mr Gee took his style of performance poetry abroad. He performed at the Nuyorican Poets café in New York and delivered his pieces at Philadelphia’s famous “Black Lily” night. He performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Such experiences broadened his horizons to see the international scope of Spoken Word poetry as an entertainment form in its own right. He then became a guest presenter for the “London Diaspora” show for Resonance FM. Here he was brought in to interview underground poets about their work & their inspirations in order to give further exposure to Spoken Word and it’s relevance in modern society.

In 2005, his presenting style was recognised and he was brought in by the BBC to co-host the performance poetry show “Bespoken Word” on Radio 4. This SONY award-nominated show brought his poetical & hosting skills to a national audience, and received much critical acclaim. Mr Gee is currently recording the second season of Bespoken Word and is recording a series of programmes for Resonance FM.

Mister Gee

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