Mr Melta

Mr Melta is a veteran in the Cambridgeshire Hip Hop scene, who has been putting in work for well over a decade.

With a string of releases in the 2010’s, plus live performances up and down the country, Melta is one of the more recognised figures in the local scene.

Melta has performed with, and supported, some of the best that UK Hip Hop has to offer , including Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Kalshnekoff, Skinnyman, The Four Owls and many more, as well as smashing festival stages alongside Delegates of Culture and Rhymepad Records.

After a short break away from the Hip Hop scene, Melta has returned with new EP ‘More Songs About Me‘ , featuring production from fellow Cambridge dwellers Slang Immaculate and D Logic.

With lyrics as relevant, witty and hard hitting as always, this new EP marks the return of this talented lyricist.

Mr Melta

Mr Melta

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