I Am Tomorrow

I AM TOMORROW is known for his experimental and melodic approach he takes to his music. Over the past few years, he has shown complex depth in versatile sounds and creative visuals. Alongside his passion for music, he also has a unique flair for fashion, exotic tattoos, and a very outgoing personality.

He continues to expand his network worldwide while being an unsigned artist in North America. I AM TOMORROW’s sound is very melodic and has been described as “goth opera“. Nevertheless, his musical influences are Travis Scott, Gashi, Lil Peep, Drake, and Kanye West.

His latest single ‘Nashville‘ is a happy song about a loving relationship that developed in the city of Nashville. The track will instantly bring you a feel-good vibe with its afro-beats and acoustic guitar mix. I AM TOMORROW shares, “I believe that fans can connect to this song right away because of its very uplifting frequency, strong melodies, and lyrics that a lot of people can relate with“.

When making a song, I AM TOMORROW finds a piece of production he can connect with first. He says, “I feel I need to connect with the instruments and a melody that usually triggers other vocal melodies“. Then, he records the song with sound engineer Graham Smith at the Atreus Xo studio.

I AM TOMORROW really may be the sound of tomorrow, but the only way you’ll know for sure is if you check it out yourself.

Listen to I AM TOMORROW’s ‘Nashville’ on YouTube and Spotify.


I Am Tomorrow

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