Natalie Carr - Fate

Natalie Carr is a singer/songwriter from Stamford, CT, who is currently based out of Charlotte, NC. Carr got her start learning to play piano and guitar at a young age and turned to writing her own lyrics as she grew up. Since 2019, Carr has been releasing singles in the Pop/R&B lane and takes influence from crossovers artists such as Kehlani, SZA, and JoJo.

The artist’s song ‘Fate’ came from a place of authenticity, of acknowledging the broken parts of her story. She says, ‘I tend to be really vulnerable when I write music. ‘Fate’ is about all the bad decisions I’ve made in life (literally) not killing me. We all have moments we can look back on that terrify us because we know we were headed down the wrong path but we did what we did anyways. I’ve been young, I’ve been stupid, I’ve been way too trusting and way too angry, and I’ve done things I’m not proud of. I want my lyrics to resonate with people and make them feel seen or validated despite their demons or shortcomings. If my lyrics in ‘Fate’ (or any other song) help one person feel less alone or self-critical, then I’ve done my job as an artist’.

Carr is influenced by artists like Kehlani, SZA and Miley Cyrus. She wants to collaborate with Post Malone because in her opinion their voices would mesh together beautifully.  

The artist loves mid-tempo beats with hip-hop inspired drums and a heavy bassline, because then her voice and lyrics really stick out over the top. Carr works closely together with her main producers JMac and Dillon Lawter. She is grateful to be working with such talented people who help to make what she hears in her head into a reality.

The artist is planning to release an EP after her next single and is excited for her fans and friends to hear what she has been working on.

She loves using social media to connect with her fans. She says, ‘THANK YOU for believing in me and supporting my vision. I count my lucky stars every day, and I love you. It’s easy to support an artist with millions of streams and followers, because you’re more likely to see them and hear their music via different outlets, so for those that have found me and stuck with me while I’m starting out, I’m beyond lucky and I love you’.

Listen to ‘Fate’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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