Traum re-releases Natural Born Killas Vol. 1 CD

Hip hop maestro and the driving force behind the New York Masta Mix Records label, Traum, proudly announces the reissue of Natural Born Killas Vol. 1 CD. Under the leadership and production of rap sensation Traum and featuring Cormega, Traum himself, Half-A-Mill, Killa Sha, Sheistmillini and many more, this release features some of the illest sounds ever to spit out of the ghetto.

Credibility is crucial in any industry but when it comes to a music scene where "real recognize real" is the overriding mantra, New York native Traum walks it like he talks it.

Natural Born Killas Vol. 1 CD
01. Radio Show (MARLEY MARL & PETE ROCK)
02. Hungry At Times- Nashawn
03. Extreme Wit 16- Cormega
04. Anylize- Wundah Wumen & Lerical Drunk
05. Millinium- Shiestmillini
06. Walk In My Shoes- Casaldanca & Krist
07. Niggas Be Temptin Me- Flo-Er
08. It’s My Life- Forgotten Foundation
09. Masta Mix Came Across (Interlude)
10. Mad Dreamz- Traum
11. Unsencored- Shiestmillini
12. Big Money- Half-A-Mill
13. Mix Tape’s & Lp’s- Killah Shah & KL*
14. Far Rock Mardi Gras- Forgotten Foundation
15. Live From Hell- Traum & John Doe
16. Traumtramental #1
17. Traumtramental #2

Bloodlines in Hip Hop’s crowded family tree can be hard to explain but Traum’s pedigree is nothing short of thoroughbred: born in the Bronx, the birthplace of the genre and then raised in Queens, Traum was practically destined for his current role as one of the east coast’s hottest artists and most innovative independent label bosses.

After watching RUN DMC’s Rock Box video the young Robert Dixon had a feeling rap’s rawness and ghetto culture would be huge, but early attempts to get into the business weren’t always peaches and cream: a deal with a major label turned sour and an early experiment performing as one half of a duo saw his partner came on stage one night and drop the mike in front of a hard-assed baying crowd. That was when this artist knew he’d have only himself to rely on if he wanted to make it.

Early collaborations with the legendary Jam Master Jay – who was helping Traum with his first solo album when he was tragically shot – and RUN DMC legend Russell Simmons helped shape Traum’s vision: keeping Hip Hop street but retaining the style, class and intelligence that makes his music stand out from inferior products such as Dirty South – you won’t find any fallacies in Traum’s lyrics.

Since being recognised as one of Hip Hop’s up-and-coming producers Traum, under the umbrella of his own label MastaMix, feels the time is right for the flava that sent this CD into Amazon’s top 10 Compilations chart when it was first released, to be made widely available once more: the New York edge, the rawness, and ghetto-fabulous essence of Hip Hop are all here collated under the expert guidance of one of the scene’s most trusted mentors.

Traum says: "What makes me different is I’m totally hands on at Masta Mix. I am one of a new breed of Artist/Label owner. I actually mix and produce most of the music".

MastaMix Records and Masta Labs Studio were founded by Traum in 1997 in a spirit of confidence and unshakeable self-belief: "I know the game, I have the energy and execution and discipline. With my own label, I can focus on putting out good music and show my love for Hip Hop without waiting for a major label to notice my determination and skills", says Traum.

Since then, Masta Mix Records has flourished into a life of its own and sold over 100,000 records, independently.

Traum’s plans for Masta Mix don’t just stop at finding and promoting some of the most hardcore and authentic artists around. He has the brashness of spirit that comes from growing up in one of the world’s toughest ‘hoods and knows exactly where he wants to take his music and artists: "Over the next year I want obtain major label distribution for my company. I like being an indie artist but I know I have major label appeal".

Masta Mix Records is here to stay and the big boys are sitting up and taking note.

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