Nayana Iz

A truly fearless young woman, Nayana Iz was raised in North London by Indian parents. Her peripatetic persona was born from the sacrifices they made migrating to a foreign country: the enduring effects that define a life residing between cultures.

As a teenager, Nayana came across the works of MF Doom, A Tribe Called Quest and Tupac and discovered rap as the means to express herself. Her explosive introduction, ‘How We Do‘, introduced her culture-colliding talent and ‘Smoke And Fly‘ boasted hybridised anthems which invoked the spirit of her bloodline (Nayana Iz imbues her art with Sanskrit and Hindu iconography) as much as it wove influences of Jasmine-era Jai Paul, or peak-Missy Elliott bravado.

Nayana’s forward-facing projection of vocalized rap has proven a winning formula. She was named in BBC Asian Network’s Future Sounds 2020 list, a global prescriber of Next Gen Talent from the diaspora,  alongside several other tips and accolades. Nayana has also collaborated with the likes of Adidas, Shuh, North Face, Redbull Music and Boiler Room.

Breaking Point“, her latest single, is just the start of this new era, expect Nayana Iz at her most experimental and unadulterated,  tackling themes of identity, race, spirituality and mystification whilst creating music unlike anyone else right now.

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