Dummy Amade - Neverever

‘Neverever’ by Dummy Amade is the opener to the artist’s May project about the excesses of Caesar and ultimately the fall of the roman empire. The artist says, ‘My name is Mark but I was born in Italy so I made this song about Marco Polo going on a thirst pilgrimage. All the samples are from the early to mid 1970’s because they slap. I tried to incorporate a lot of perspectives of what the empire meant in real time, mostly a harsh representation of freedom and the thin layer of protection afforded to those deemed worthy to be citizens. I think my music can be listened to while working or cleaning but it’s better while driving or relaxing. I am not serious when I’m making these songs, pure comedy when I’m recording because I like to do it!

Dummy Amade is trying to be unique among millions of other artists therefore he asks his friends from Uglyheart to make the most beautiful sounds so he could put horror stories on every single one of them.

The artist’s main musical influences are Nicki Minaj, Uglyheart and David Bowie. He is a huge fan of 1975 because they have a song for everything, and Cudi because everything he makes feels emotionally honest.

When asked about his songwriting process, the artist says, ‘I can get sounds stuck in my head pretty easily and it helps with writing lyrics to the tempo of them. However, I do also just write down lines sometimes, and then I hear sounds I like and I’m able to trick my mind into giving me rhymes’.

Dummy Amade knows exactly what he wants the tracks to sound like and gets very frustrated when his modest mixing and music theory experience catches up to him. However, he has talented friends who help him and are patient with the artist.

The artist wants to thank his fans for listening to his music.

Listen to ‘Neverever’ on SoundCloud.


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