Star Blazerz

Starr Blazerz started in 2014 as a songwriting collaboration between singer/songwriter Glen Reynolds and producer Justin Marlowe (aka SoundControl). Glen had recently obtained success working with notable artists like Talib Kweli and Kendrick Lamar on the song ‘Push Thru’ as well as Grammy winners Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Lupe Fiasco.

Marlowe and Reynolds initially wrote and recorded records that were intended to be ‘reference demos’ for indie singers, but as their style developed in its uniqueness they decided to use the songs for their debut LP ‘Reconstruction’.

The two had an interesting blend of influences that range from Brit-pop acts like Depeche Mode to hip hop acts in the vein of The Neptunes and Dr. Dre. The record company that initially released Reconstruction folded shortly after its release. Upon Reconstruction never really getting the chance it deserved to take off, the two went back into the studio to work on their follow up LP ‘Undeniable Truth‘. It seemed to be suffering the same fate as its predecessor, so the duo took a hiatus to focus on other creative endeavors. This hiatus did not last long though, as the desire to create Starr Blazerz was strong. 

After two failed projects, the two trailblazers took a slightly different approach to their next release. Rather than giving people a full album, they decided to focus on a short and sweet EP, which ended up becoming well-received ‘The Resurgence‘ EP, released in January of 2019. This EP spawned Starr Blazerz’ most notable single to date, ‘Confession Booth‘, which has garnered close to 60,000 streams to date. Next up for the duo was a string of single releases, starting with ‘The Climb‘. This was then followed by ‘Quarantine‘ and ‘Nine Inch Nails‘, which have accumulated about 76,000 streams altogether. 

Nine Inch Nails’ is an infectious alternative pop record with a lot of subtle nuances. It begins with a trippy and brooding string pattern that sets a very pensive tone. The vocals drop with an airy ambiance compounded over a thunderous rhythm section and a floating chord loop. This sets a solid vibe for the record and before you know it the hook is introduced with a wealth of power, melody, and a screeching synth line for the ages. Up and coming Chicago hip hop artist Keith drops a gem of a second verse, which really adds an urban tinge to the already hip hop influenced track. The record encapsulates many sonic elements in a very seamless manner.

The song has that unmistakably strong Starr Blazerz’ iconic melody while also connecting profoundly with urban music listeners. 

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