Lethvl Optiks

A rapper from Colorado, Lethvl Optiks loved listening to rap music when he was a kid. He would often wander around the house rapping to himself for fun or freestyle with his brothers and friends as a hobby.

When he reached his junior year of high school, Lethvl Optiks fell in love with rap and took music seriously. In 2020, he started releasing his songs which include ‘Big Steppa’ and ‘Carmelo.’

His latest single, ‘Scars,’ has a mixture of emotions. It’s about pain and dealing with the haters. Lethvl Optiks shares, “The song talks about no matter how many scars I get, I’ll press on and continue doing my thing. Another part is just ignoring all the people that don’t think I’ll make it far in rap“.

Lethvl Optiks doesn’t have a specific sound. His songs usually play around sounding like something between YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Tyga. He says, “I like to switch up my style to remain versatile. If you hear one of my melody rap songs, you’d think I only have that style, but if you go another song, it’ll remind you that I can rap“.

Listen to Lethvl Optiks’ ‘Scars’ on Spotify.

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