When you think of infamous Brixton PDC gang’s legacy, what comes to mind? Drugs, robberies, violence? What about community support, artistry, and a second chance at life? Meet ex-member and reformed prisoner Noble1BOF who has used music to turn his life around and now vows to keep young people making the same mistakes he did.

Noble’s style has been described as grime-adjacent Hip Hop with elements of Drill, and contemporary Brixton soundwaves that crash onto the shores of old school influences. Noble1BOF’s delivery is distinctly UK, but hard bars are met with drop dead gorgeous beats and features.

Noble first started writing bars behind bars, emulating the rappers he idolised like Drake, Giggs and in particular Styles P. Listening to Styles P’s first album ‘A Gangsta & A Gentlemen‘ was how Noble first learnt to form and shape a track, and ultimately how he found the inspiration and drive to turn his life around using the medium of music.

During his final stint inside, Noble dedicated himself to writing and quickly found himself working with the Irene Taylor Trust, who gave him his first opportunity to perform whilst in prison. Since then, Noble has gone on to become an ambassador for the Irene Taylor Trust, working with young people at risk of offending to help prevent them from following in his footsteps.

Even more remarkably, Noble has since gone on to be a key artist at Red Tangent Records; a label funded by The National Lottery Community Fund as a Lived Experience label. The label is led by a team of ex-prisoners, for ex-prisoners, giving ex-prisoners a real opportunity to reform their lives and offering a way out of the vicious cycle of re-offending. Noble is in the fairly unique position of being an ex-prisoner artist, on an ex-prisoner label with ex-prisoner management.

Discussing his upcoming release, Noble explained: “These bars are my life, you know? It’s my story, and yes, sometimes there’s swagger and sometimes it’s cold. I hate driving past these corners, every day, where one of the man ‘dem got shot. I’ve got close friends doing life sentences, fifteen years of my life has been spent inside a prison, most of that in a cell. These tracks are literally my Life Story“.

The LP ‘Benefits of Freedom‘ is just the beginning for Noble1BOF, who is now primed and ready to go ahead of headlining his own event, championing local Hip Hop, at Brixton Jamm on the 29th of June.


Noble1BOF - Benefits Of Freedom

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