Nouhi's Nomad

Nouhi’s Nomad is an Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist genre-fluid creator based in New York City. Persian music and contemporary rock go well in addition to his background in classical music, therefore all three styles are shining through within his Persian percussion, hypnotic and unique melodies, as well as stripped-down guitar backings.

Number 4‘ is the fourth track of Nomad’s debut LP. The lyrics of the song tackle nostalgia since it is written about his childhood summer home in Margate City, NJ. The artist says, “This song is about the closure of leaving/having left a place I used to know. I’m sure everyone has had at least one constant change in their life, like going to college or moving to a different country. There’s always that sense of ‘what happens while I’m gone’“.

Nomad emphasizes the importance of the vocals and instrumentation since they are the key to his songs. The artist admits that all of the songs he has written are deeply personal and produced by himself. Even though Nouhi’s usually writes the lyrics before creating music, it all depends on which one leads to the other.

Nomad’s musical influences include Mansour, Vampire Weekend and Mike Posner. He also would love to collaborate with Rostam, since he is an Iranian-American singer just like him. Currently, the artist has been listening to ‘Through the Chaos’ by Hypernova because they bring back memories from when life was simpler.

Social media is a very important platform for Nomad’s work because it creates a persona that fans can directly interact with. By directly messaging them and replying to the fans’ comments, the artist feels close to them. “I’m humbled by your support, and I hope my music gives you whatever your heart needs when you listen to it“.

Listen to ‘Number 4’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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