UK stand up and make way for !ronic and Gizla who claim they are about to bring real talent to the UK music scene. This hip-hop duo has now been performing tracks up and down London, getting nothing but positive love, and building a loyal fan base.

From entering contests and open mike’s to battling and now performing P.A’s in West End clubs, these guys are really grinding to stabilize their futures as outstanding artists. Their plan has already become a reality, drawing thousands fans who have been inundating their website from all over the globe; Nigeria, America, Japan, India just to name a few.

Their talent has also been recognised by their peers, the duo have opened up for US rappers T-Pain and Ghost Face Killa this year alone.

Having grown up on the streets of South West London these boys know the dark side of the streets, so they chose a more positive outlet for their NRG and instead turned to artists such as 2Pac and DJ Quick for inspiration.

From this, they have knowingly created their own sound that separates them from their peers. At only 22 and 26 years of age, these two entrepreneurs are not content with that as they have also created an independent record label, website and music production studio.

Looking in from the outside, there’s no way you can knock them, everything is tight for the level they are on right now. However, from their music, You know this is just the beginning!

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