Oao Kool

Oao Kool‘s new song ‘Came Up‘ is a real-life story about how the game is changing. In the past, selling marijuana landed Oao Kool on the wrong side of the law, so this song shines the light on the new way marijuana is being legalized and transported. The artist believes his fans will connect with this song because of the lyrical content. He says, ‘I actually have something to say and you can sense that from the first words. Every song has a different sound and a different story for me to tell‘.

Oao Kool tries not to sound like any other artist out there and be authentic. His favourite rapper as a teen was Eminem, and he learned the most about the music industry from Master P. Slim Shady is Oao Kool’s first choice when asked who he would like to collaborate with.

The artist’s writing process is inspired by life experiences. ‘The words that come out are mostly from the heart. It is usually something I’ve been through personally or seen with my own eyes. Everything else just falls into place afterwards‘.

Oao Kool’s new album is coming out on July 4th 2021. Right now, the title of it is unknown but will more than likely be called Oao Radio.

The artist would like to thank everyone who supports him and his music. He also adds, ‘Thank God and my family and friends for giving me the motivation to continue.

Listen to ‘Came Up’ on Spotify.


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