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Adrian Kenyon aka OC Jigga aka Jigs first started emceeing in early 2002 at the height of the London garage scene, briefly forming a group named Khemistry Krew, who cut a single named "Trouble On The Road Again".

The group financed vinyl pressing and independent distribution by themselves, gaining a buzz on the circuit which led to several appearances on pirate radio station Upfront 99.9 FM alongside DJ Redeye; and also secured them a weekly spot on Taste FM, becoming well-known on the south London scene. As the UK's urban scene changed, Jigs resolved to sharpen his skills and return to his first love, hip-hop.

He spent much of the last few years building contacts in the industry and paying dues, working with a number of emcees and producers in south London, most notably L.Man, Logic (PDC / NWO), Hypes (GP), Quinney and Cerose (also PDC); all the while building a portfolio of blazing tracks. Further hook-ups with Julio Shanakee and Reading's DSM crew led to a steadily growing following such that by early 2007 Jigs was ready for his first full-length release, the "True Stories Mixtape", on new south London imprint Downtown Soul Records.

Jigs' style is a laidback chill vibe and he's committed to making positive hip-hop diverse enough to appeal to a broad range of listeners rather than the street or backpacker markets alone. Check Jigs' online at www.myspace.com/ocjigga1 for the latest news on upcoming projects with various artists including Haka, DVS (PDC), and the Downtown Soul camp…

OC Jigga - True Stories Mixtape

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