Despite being born and raised in a South London estate, Oogie‘s music floats in it’s own space, delving into characteristics and themes that sing just as true in his hometown as it would in the colourful yet underprivileged zones within Birmingham, Paris or New York.

Drawing influence from the likes of King Krule and Earl Sweatshirt, oogie similarly explores his world with an open vulnerability. This foundational theme courses through oogie’s music, as the London artist relishes the opportunity to speak honestly, often exploring the dynamic of fragile relationships. This approach combined with a tone and vocal style that ranges from nonchalant and conversational at one moment to playful and cartoonish the next, act as somewhat of a guise, masking the true intricacy of his lyrics and carefully considered wordplay throughout his work.

The self described “social loner” has spent the last year crafting a debut body of work resulting in somehow it makes sense (SIMS), a 13 track collection that looks to capture and translate the tempest of his thought process, magnifying themes of struggle, anxiety, self-love and relationships throughout.

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