Owen Michaels - I'm Not Looking Back

Owen Michaels is a country musician out of El Paso, TX, with a dream to get his music heard by as many country fans as possible. His music is influenced by a variety of artists, such as Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Jordan Davis, Brett Young, Jon Pardi and Dylan Schneider. He recently released his first official country single, ‘Love You In This Life‘ on all music streaming platforms and quickly rose to the #1 position in reverberation on the El Paso local charts.

The artist wrote this song for his girlfriend to express how deep and eternal his love for her is. The message of the song is that no matter how long or short his life is, he will never have enough time in this life to show the woman how much she means to him. You never know when your time will come and love is such a powerful feeling that it makes people want to change for the person they love.

Owen Michaels doesn’t have a producer. He makes new age country pop music and goes through tunecore to release the song on all platforms. Production wise, he has been working with Ryan Whyte Maloney who has been making the melodies for his songs. Although, the melody usually comes after the lyrics. He writes all of his lyrics himself. He feels most inspired to write when he can’t sleep at night because when he’s laying in bed and can’t fall asleep, there are potential lyrics going through his mind.

He hasn’t performed live much but the first place he ever played was Ricky D’s, TX in April and he really enjoyed the atmosphere and crowd there. He’s currently working on an EP titled “I’m not looking back” which will have a total of 5 songs, including ‘Love you in this life’. He’s also working on a collaboration with another artist for a country/pop mix. If he ever makes it as a recognized country artist, he would love to collaborate with Jordan Davis, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen or Mitchell Tenpenny. He’s currently hooked on the latter’s music because of Mitchell’s unique vocal talent and relatable lyrics.

The artist says that social media is very important to him because without the support of his fans, life would be nothing. It’s also important for him to let his fans get to know him, which is made easy by social media. He’s very appreciative of his fans for believing in him and supporting my passion.

Listen to ‘Love you in this life’ by Owen Michaels on YouTube.

Owen Michaels - I'm Not Looking Back

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