Patriot was born as Jamie David Oldnall on the 19th of June 1986 in Birmingham, England. From a young age music and theatre became a big part of his life, and from the age of five Jamie started writing songs and gained a great obsession with expressing his emotions through theatrical attributes.

He was inspired by musicians such as Boys II Men, Elton John and Guns n’ Roses as rap music was not known by him until his older cusin introduced him to this particular genre at the age of 10.

He grew increasingly fascinated with this style of music and wrote verses to snoop dogg and Will Smith tunes, yet this obsession was not recognised by others until Jamie attended Halesowen College in Birmingham at the age of 16.

These songs surrounded his troubled adollessance as he was bullied whilst attending school and on more than one occasion became suicidal. Music was the only way out and he started writing more and more until he eventually created a mixtape entitled ‘My Life, My Fam’ which nominated him as one of the finest upcoming artists inside Birmingham.

Patriot - Every Clique Has A JudasAnybody who listened to his music understood him, and could easily relate to what he was saying no matter what ethnicality they happened to be. Jamie’s music was noticed by ‘P Money’, another young artist inside Birmingham who works with Tim Westwood and is the head of ‘Bout Dat Records’. Through ‘P Money’, Patriot was also noticed by ‘K-Tajuz’ an artist from Cardiff, who brought him into his crew called the ‘A-Team’. This included artists such as ‘Tommyclipp’, from Detroit, ‘Envy’ from Minesota and ‘Sin Seer’ from Cardiff.

Patriot also works with his best friend ‘Jester’ who are together known as ‘BClique’ promoting themselves as artists from BC (Birmingham City), and also working on a compilation mixtape together which should be completed by late 2006. Patriot also has a crew of producers, including himself inside a production team known as ‘Sinister Sounds’.

Now, at the age of 19, Patriot is setting high goals and wants to succeed inside the music industry, with his individual and origional style he is becoming even more respected by UK artists. The song ‘Through My Eyes’ from his new CD has been played on KIC radio which is broadcast across the West Midlands and has thousands of online listeners, Patriot says, ‘Any publicity is good publicity, the more recognised I am, the better it is for me. I’m no ghetto rapper, I’m just a guy from BC who spits real and writes what everyone can relate to. It doesn’t matter what race, gender or sexuality anybody is, we are all the same and can admire the same music together.’


Patriot is also an upcoming producer and has produced 11 songs from his new CD enititled ‘Every Clique Has A Judas’. The album was completed in September 2005, and while producing music for further projects P has also been promoting the CD as much as possible and has sent the album off to various record labels.

Representing his home city of Brum, and with influences through the likes of Kano, Dizzee, Swiss, Tupac, Nas and Biggie, Patriot keeps his feet on the ground and will never stop doing the one thing he loves…

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