Peter Lake - Bonfire Eyes

Bonfire Eyes‘ by Peter Lake is a song about toxic love. There is a woman with beautiful eyes and soul that he loves, but she keeps hurting him in many ways. The pain is so strong it feels like it is burning inside. Peter assures that his listeners will want to sing this upbeat song in the shower.

The artist’s musical influences include Passion Pit, Metric and The Beatles. He says, ‘I think of music as something you might whistle to, or sing karaoke to, or sing together with your friends‘.

When asked about his songwriting process, Peter is precise, ‘I write my lyrics and I repeat them out loud like I’m a music teacher singing to kids. I keep trying to ‘sing’ the lyrics until a melody pops into my head. At that point, I write down the lyrics and sing them into my phone with a basic kick drum as a click. Then I close my eyes and imagine all of the other sounds to support the core, and I sing those imagined sounds into my phone as a separate voice memo. After that, I go to the studio and record it’.

Peter is planning to release seven EP’s in the upcoming eighteen months, and each EP is named after a different colour. The first  EP is called ‘Yellow’ and will come out in July. Even though he would love to perform live, the artist is very protective of his privacy, so as his music gains popularity, he wants to be able to maintain his quiet existence.

Peter’s goal is to make music that uplifts people and makes them happy.

Listen to ‘Bonfire Eyes’ on Spotify.


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