Jay 28

Prayed For This‘ by Jay 28 is a song that was made to show the major moments in the artist’s life and the key people to make his success possible. The artist released this track shortly after signing on with ETHIKAMUSIC. Jay 28 says, ”Prayed For This’ was really one of those songs that people connected to the most. It was visually appealing and the message in the song just made it 10 times better. All the pieces just fit so well for the song’.

The artist’s sound is extremely unique because not too many musicians can replicate the harmonies he creates. Jay 28’s music is very diverse and he is not stuck to just one genre.

The artist says that even though people think rappers are only inspired by hip hop artists, he grew up listening to a lot of R&B music. In R&B it is very hard to just make a song without the feelings or emotions. You need to really be in tune with your craft. Jay would love to collaborate with a lot of artists, especially Rod Wave, Kevin Gates and Drake.

The artist is a natural thinker and has a natural high so he does not use any substances while creating songs. He can just go into any studio and lock-in.

The artist has a full album coming out at the end of July or the beginning of August entitled ‘Forgive My Silence’. This project is going to have a lot of feeling to it and is probably one of the artist’s best projects to date.

Jay 28 loves performing in his hometown. ‘In Virginia, you don’t see too many artists make it out, so the connection to the people and the vibe is always crazy when I’m there’.

The artist is grateful for his fans and their support. ‘My work will always be a representation to the people I speak for and the ones who stand behind me’.

Listen to ‘Prayed For This’ on Youtube.

Jay 28

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