Premz - Biography

Premz is an 18 years old MC / Rapper from South East London, and has been in the music game since he was fourteen… but has only really just begun.

Tempo doesn’t make a difference to the quality – Premz is known for appearing on many different genres and fusions of music. He has appeared on many different radio stations and shows; Including the “Friction Show” on BBC Asian Network, “Hew Steven’s” show on BBC Radio One, and the “Mic Check” show on BBC Asian Network, on which he as appeared three times. He is played by many more radio shows, including internet radio shows.

Premz has just released his new E.P entitled "Homecoming" – to signify his real return to music; it is a new day. You can currently download this free CD. The future is bright; and many projects and features are to follow this homecoming; so stay updated by logging on to Premz’s MySpace.

He has most recently been working with artists like AC (formerly a part of Mentor Kolektiv) and Raxstar, and Homecoming is selling well to the underground market. Premz’s next single, "Swagger" is also proving to be a hit with the remix featuring AC.

By: Rashmi Shastri


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