Prince Franchise

Prince Franchise got his unique name from doing different businesses. He moved to Brooklyn, New York at age 12. His older brother had a talent for singing but Prince did not realize that music can be a useful outlet until he moved to Brooklyn.

He got into rap and fell in love with hip-hop. Prince studied the art of writing songs by training himself to write different types of hooks, choruses, and music in general. With this, he can either straight up rap or just hit the audience with a sweet sensation that is soft on the ears.

His latest song ‘Legend‘ is a track he wrote and recorded while being on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, which he highlights in the first verse. Meanwhile, the second verse is about the murders of innocent African-Americans by cops. Prince shares, “This is not a track belittling cops in any way. It only highlights the injustice done by bad cops and people who feel they have a right to kill a black man just because they don’t want them walking or jogging in their neighborhood“.

When people hear this song, Prince wants them to remember the innocently-killed people and not just forget them as we have done in the past. He says, “If you are African-American, you can relate to this song because any of those people killed by bad policing could have been one of your loved ones“. He adds, “No matter what the color of your skin tone might be, if you have lived through the COVID-19 pandemic, then you can also connect and relate to this song“.

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