A hip hop artist RickRated began running in the music realm during his childhood years, and since that time has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with his own signature sound and stylization. With his sights set on making a solid impact in the industry, the artist has no intention of slowing down his momentum anytime soon. RickRated is constantly putting together a multi-genre sound that showcases his dynamic rhyming ability most effectively and plans on getting his material discovered and expanded to a worldwide audience.

Prince Zuko‘ by RickRated is a steady, no-holds-barred track that showcases the artist’s undeniable rap talents and lyrics that will have you feeling cool and confident. Beginning with a spacious intro of echoing piano chords and light, mysterious melody, ‘Prince Zuko’ sets the scene before launching into the verse with upbeat lyrics and a driving beat. Bass synth sounds add texture and depth with a catchy melody beneath the effortless flow of words while attention-grabbing group vocals add emphasis in all the right places. 

The artist’s songwriting process is pretty spontaneous. He used to overthink the writing process and psych himself out to an extent when it came to working under pressure. He recently learned how to have more fun with the process, with a more “go with the flow” attitude, and since then enjoyed the process of creating a lot more.

The ‘Gemini’ album is the artist’s first official release that is coming out on May 28th. It consists of 6 songs and RickRated put a lot of work and all his heart into it, therefore he hopes that people will give it a fair listen. 

The artist says that social media is extremely important for an artist to be able to reach out and connect with their fans/audience. ‘Not gonna lie, right now my social media presence is kind of weak but I’m working on bringing it up. I always respond to supporters who reach out to me with love, I even do follow back events. I just wanna say thank you for all the love and support, now hold on tight cause we are going to the top!’

Listen to ‘Prince Zuko’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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