Prison To Promise Rapper B-Wey Hits With Mental Health Honesty

It’s a difficult thing to articulate one’s struggles with such flair and character but that’s exactly what South-East London’s most raw and honest upcoming rapper B-Wey does on his debut album: Section 1. Approaching the cusp of 30, Ben Weyman examines the tragedies that defined his twenties; familial loss and mental health struggles that saw him sectioned are all on bare display across the album and perhaps on no track more so than on the single Psych Police.

Opening with record scratches and samples harking back to classic boom-bap hip-hop, B-Wey jumps in his with guitar and lyrics that shine a spotlight on his internal struggles before moving on to criticism of the world around him. Brutally honest, Ben speaks with a candour that reflects the introspection of his lowest points. After losing both of his parents to cancer within only four months of each other, Ben developed Bipolar Disorder that led him to being sectioned and arrested on occasions following manic psychotic episodes throughout his twenties. It was during these episodes that Ben believed to be in contact with the industry’s biggest names, going so far as to hear their voices.

With the album, Ben addresses the response to the mentally ill and the stigma surrounding them, Psych Police specifically referring to the heavy-handed treatment of those who need support. Section 1 is both deeply personal and a call to others going through similar pains and importantly, recovery. Following a tumultuous period, Ben is proud to say that he has been stable for three years and hopes that his work can guide others to a similar peace.

My musical journey and influences give way to a unique production style while my life experiences give me something tangible to write about and gives my music a real direction. I hope to raise awareness and influence change


Section 1 is mixed and mastered by Ryan Sullivan (previous head engineer of Red Bull Studios).

All instrumentation is written and performed by B-Wey.

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