Project Talent

Project Talent UK  the Brainchild of Tony Biola represents a unique and entirely attainable vision of bringing together four separate creative industry-focused initiatives and partners in order to reproduce the real-life cross sector interaction, collaboration and engagement that is a core element of the media, entertainment and creative industries. It is right that creative sectors do not operate within their own separate silos.

By way of an example: the couture designer (fashion) is heavily dependent upon the Oscar-nominated actress (film) or the latest Brit Award winning band (music) to wear their cutting edge designs on the red carpet and at the awards podium. These are important ingredients for successful business exposure, market access and growth. Indeed, the importance of ‘star power’ is evident in creative industries from music and film to fashion and architecture.

Also to be acknowledged is the importance of the stylist (fashion), the photographer and the direction and production of the video (film and photography) in presenting and marketing the right image for the designer, actress and band! The inter-dependency of the creative sectors is therefore extremely important. The inclusion of media and creative industry partners in PROJECT TALENT provides clear routes into employment and work-based learning, giving added value and relevance.

The most recent analysis of London’s creative sector (‘London’s Creative Sector: 2004 Update) has revealed that the creative industries continue to lead London’s job growth. In the growth years 1995-2001, creative sector employment added more jobs in London than all major industries except Distribution, Financial and Business Services. Despite a slowdown in 2002, in the last seven years, London’s creative sector grew by 15 per cent. This growth was also stronger than the UK as a whole in the performance-related sectors of radio and television, video, film and photography, music and the visual and performing arts.

By: Michelle Adabra

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