PS Hitsquad

PS Hitsquad was born and raised in the Peckham depths, the place locals call the ‘Narm – a dark pun that equates the crime plagued South London blocks with war-torn Vietnam. This mix of dry, gallows humour and easy wordplay is mirrored in PS’s own output, his lyrics a head spinning whirl of metaphor, double jointed rhyme schemes, jokes and violence.

Raised on the music played in his Sierra Leonean family home – a mix of rap legends such as 50 Cent and the reggae of Yellowman and Bob Marley – alongside the homegrown rap of the likes of Giggs that ran South London’s streets in the late 00s, PS started his recording career as a core member of Peckham’s iconic Zone 2 collective.

Coming together ’round 2015 with Kwengface, Trizzac, Skully and Karma, the crew (alongside other South London institutions 410 and Harlem Spartans) were instrumental in laying the foundations for the meteoric rise of Drill, taking the sound from it’s early roots as a pariah genre, demonised in the press and the courts, to its present chart hammering status as globe-spanning youth cult. Throwing down classic verses on a run of tunes in 2017-2018 such as Zone 2 Step, No Hook, Ginnals, and more while still only a teenager, PS was clearly a major force, an artist who could fuse the standard grit and threat of drill with a lyrical skill that dismantled and rebuilt language with gleeful precision.

Devilled by issues with the police, his recorded output hit fits and starts, before 2020 saw him returning stronger than ever, with a series of freestyles for Charlie Sloth, Fumez the Engineer, Kenny Allstar and grime legends Tim & Barry, each one demonstrating a high energy flow and lyrical skill that had fans clamouring to name him the greatest in the game – and in the case of his Fire In The Booth (which saw him easily switching between drill’s hectic rattle and slower rap tempos), giving the series it’s highest viewed freestyle for years.

Elsewhere his releases alongside Zone 2 peers set up residence in Youtube’s Trending charts – from the confirmed drill classic Petrol Station (6m+ views and streams) to the underground banger Never Have I Ever, the last 18 months have seen PS bringing a golden touch to every release.

Now he’s entering 2022 with a renewed ambition, determined to make good on all his years of promise. His first release with new home Moves Recordings lays out his ambition with the one-two punch of Guten Tag / Jeden Tag.

PS Hitsquad

PS Hitsquad

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