PS Hitsquad

Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest MCs UK drill has produced, PS is notorious for combining heavyweight story telling, lethal flow, intricate wordplay and an unmatched energy. Whether it’s alongside his fellow drill pioneers in Peckham’s Zone 2 collective, or as a solo artist shelling down freestyle platforms with ease, PS has taken drill and shaped it into a gritty inner city artform.

2021 saw him hit his stride, blasting into the Youtube trending charts again and again, whether it was with his Fire in the Booth freestyle (the most watched of the ’21 series), or with his cheeky performance for Kenny Allstar that saw him ride a drill flip of White Town’s UK indie classic Your Woman, or when he dropped his cold, peerless flow on street classics such as the menacing, guitar driven Kwengface collab Petrol Station.

Now he’s entering 2022 with unstoppable momentum. His first release with new home Moves Recordings lays out his ambition with the one-two punch of Guten Tag / Jeden Tag – Guten Tag a frenetic drill masterpiece, all sinister strings and cackling menace, while Jeden Tag is a sharp contrast; an introspective rap epic, with PS looking into his hardened heart to seek meaning and context for the chaos and pain.

Both tracks have been folded together into a single extended video, shot by current hottest director in the scene Romael. The two parts dig into the different sides of PS’s psyche, with Guten Tag a ratatat of jump cuts, Ballied goons and swerving motors, whilst Jeden Tag has PS laying down knowledge to three generations of black men; trying to find a path between past, present and future. It’s unlike anything else in drill, and that’s exactly how PS wants it.

I can do what these other guys are doing all day“, he points out, “it’s what they’re not doing that I’m interested in, that’s what I’m gonna do. I don’t wanna do the average, cos man’s not the average. I saw how [Giggs classic] Talkin the Hardest went off at the O2 at the Wizkid show, twelve years after it came out and wheeew… That’s mad, that’s what I wanna do, timeless shit. Big man ting, I’m trying to make timeless music”.

Guten Tag / Jeden Tag is on all platforms on Jan 14th. An EP is set to follow Spring 2022.

PS Hitsquad

PS Hitsquad - Guten Tag / Jeden Tag

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