Raw Pride

Raw Pride is a collective of Hiphoppas united in Milton Keynes. Members of this unique family consist of True Elements’ Kraze One, Justice, formally of PZK and True Element, USNs’ Rezon & Paranoia & JMC.

Raw Pride aim to express the inspiration of culture, peace, truth, unity, respect, love, freedom and justice through a combination of elements such as Deejayin, Beatboxin, Emceein, Breakin, street language, street knowledge to ultimately achieve street entrepreneurialism as a collective.

Through the abidance of simple principles as listed in the Hiphop Declaration of Peace presented to the United Nations on May 16th 2001, Raw Pride hope to contribute to: “the establishment of a foundation of health, love, awareness, wealth, peace and prosperity for themselves and others, their children and their children’s children, forever”.

Crew Breakdown:

Each member of Raw Pride possesses an interesting background when it comes to Hip Hop in Milton Keynes. More information can be found on http://www.myspace.com/rawpride.

Raw Pride: Together as a collective, Raw Pride has made 4 appearances for live shows in Milton Keynes. The first was a charity event to raise funds for Wolvertons’ Madcap Theatre on behalf of MK Vibe so extra curricular activities can continue to be undertaken by local youth, from kids of very young ages to teens and some 20s and above. The second was again to assist MK Vibe boost awareness. Never forgetting where they have come from, the third was a last minute request straight off the cuff house party set that left the Birthday Bash attendees in astonishment that by the end of the set they were all “feelin it”!

Enhanced opportunities soon followed with a booking to support a huge Canadian Hip Hop act named Abdominal & DJ Faze, where Genesis Elijah, Terra & AC made an appearance too at the SnoStorm event in the Sno!Zone which took place in the Milton Keynes Xscape on 7th December 2007. All 4 shows so far have exceeded the crowd’s expectations and Raw Pride appears to be the hardest act to follow in Milton Keynes at the moment!

Higher hopes are now in mind as Raw Pride are more recently confirmed to support Skinny Man at the Beacon, Bond Ave, Bletchley in Milton Keynes on Friday 28th December 07 and there is talk of them hosting a pre New Years Eve Block Party the following night. Raw Pride collectively sees this as another opportunity to provide a high level of quality entertainment that they are confident will bring value for money.

Raw Pride - Kraze OneKraze One: The best way to describe Kraze One is a hip hop activist. Kraze One is a Producer, Rapper, DJ and an events organiser and has been on the scene since the early 1990s. Kraze One has several of his trax released via Apeman Records – the most notable a collaboration with singer Annis Le Neve that blew up on the underground Jazz Funk / Breaks Scene. The track "Lilly Hall" made it on to several radio stations including Radio 1 thanks to the help of Giles Peterson. The Success of the record also led to Kraze One remixing some of hip hops heavy weight artists including the Fugees and Nas.

Locally Kraze One is most known for his work with Milton Keynes Pioneering hip hop collective True Element. Founded in 1996 TE have played support to some of UK hip hops finest, including Blade and the Scratch Perverts in Milton Keynes.

For more information and background on Kraze One, please feel free to visit:

Raw Pride - Paul (Justice) GarthJustice: Justice is passionate and very inspiring. Still considering his self to be quite a rookie lyricist, this Master of Ceremonies hails from Milton Keynes (The City of Circles). With a versatile style, Hip Hop is his preferred genre. Justice seems to keep a low profile while at the same time appears to be a key link to the Unity of the underground hip hop scene in Milton Keynes. Constantly aware and proactive, his energy seems respected by most local artists and a few from outside the Milton Keynes area far and wide.

Justice has worked with PZK, True Element, USN, Soul Selector & Nicky Prince, CRMK The Sessions’ Wattsie & Mahoney, Mr Nice Times Reggae nights, supported Blade at Xscapeology, fulfilled a request from Anglia News for a repeat performance in Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, performed for the Milton Keynes Arts Council at the Stables and again within the local shopping centre for the Fair Trade organisation, taken part in a number of Music 4 U events for the millennium volunteers, featured in 2 charity masked ball events with The Pimples and picked up a Go!2 award with True Element along the way, not to mention numerous features on some of the MK Vibe sets.

Considering he has assisted a number of youth programmes in the area in addition to the above… Why is it we / you have never heard of him!?

For more information and background on Justice, please feel free to visit: http://www.myspace.com/justicefullstop

Raw Pride - ParanoiaParanoia: Paranoia AKA Para tha rap guru, is the second half of Rezon & Paranoia. He is an established artist / beatboxer & producer who has been musically involved since the early 90’s. Paranoia is also a member of another established Milton Keynes Hip Hop group named USN and has featured with many other talented acts from Milton Keynes as an MC or to lace their act with a beatbox. Rezon and Paranoia have been working together as an act for over 2 years now and have many performances under their belt including the Music 4 U festival.

Paranioa has recently featured on CRMK’s The Session radio show with Wattsie & Mahoney where along with Kraze One, presented a history of hip hop on the show which detailed a variety of discographies from local artists commencing from way back in tha day. We managed to catch up with Paranoia who had this to say, “I take my music very seriously and have a lot of confidence in the Raw Pride Collective and I think you will too”.

Raw Pride - RezonRezon: Rezon AKA (Gadget Man). A musician, producer, sound engineer and performer started producing and building up his knowledge while working for Yamaha. "I have always been into music so working there gave me the edge and the opportunity to learn and build my knowledge and curve my career in the music game". "From working there I started to build my own studio alongside the knowledge to use it to its full potential. See producing for me is an art, I love making music. My musical taste is varied however can be very different and original also".

You need to be versatile to be a producer to have a creative edge. Rezon real name Bernard Ameyaw 28 is also part of the group Rezon & Paranoia & USN. Rezon & Paranoia are also releasing there own anticipated album, A Rezon 2B Paranoid which is scheduled for an autumn release with singles including, Talking S*** To Me, Steppin Out, What Do You Think About Life?, My Time To Shine, along with others. The album shows the groups versatility with a wide range of songs covering different aspects of life, situation and subject matter. “We aim to be original, different and creative in subject matter, our style is different from the standard UK groups. We incorporate beat boxing a range of different musical inspirations and ideas as well as our love for hip-hop”.

Rezon pronounced as reason, and Paranoia's first collaboration was on the single, my time to shine. "I produced the tune with the vision and influence of a boxing fight and lyrical battle", Rezon & Paranoia grew up together and have known each other for 24 years. "We have been into hip-hop for years, Para taught me to beat-box at the age of 6 since then we have always been into hip-hop. To me it’s a way of life".

Raw Pride

The duo formed their group two years ago, but worked separately before. Paranoia AKA (The Rap Guru) a musician and performer, Paranoia was previously in a group called DBD short for Death Before Dishonour years ago as a teenager. Rezon however, was doing his own thing, "I used to just write and produce, me and Jason hung out with different crowds but were always friends as we grew up together. We had always talked about producing and working on music together but were involved in other things".

Jason AKA (Paranoia) later left DBD and became a part of USN. Both Rezon and Paranoia are now a part of the group USN, Unstoppable Nature, and Raw Pride, USN is a worldwide group with members from the UK and Australia. "We basically form like transformers, when together we act as one body but we also work on our own individual projects as separate members of one group”. The official Rezon and Paranoia website is due to be up and running soon. You can contact Rezon & Paranoia at rezonandpara@hotmail.co.uk & Rezon on rezon4prd@googlemail.com. Future information – Coming Soon , Website, Live performance and beat box videos, Merchandise, Downloads and group news.

For more information and background on Rezon & Paranoia, please feel free to visit:

Raw Pride - SoulSoul: Soul started off writing poetry for as far back as he can remember, as the years went on he fell in love with Hip-Hop, so his writing style began to change and although he still writes a lot of poetry, he gradually started to find the essence between what he was writing poetically, and what he wanted to say musically.

He wrote and recorded his first demo when he was just thirteen years old, but other than playing it to friends and family, it never really escalated, and what with general life taking over… the mic was put aside.

It was only up until two and a half years ago, when he met DJ / Producer DJ DP, did he decided to pick the mic back up, and what with the troubles of life waging him down, he had plenty to write about.

The two of them made the first mix tape “The Remix”, and shifted over 100 copies. From then on, it just grew, and so did Soul's skills.

Soul has been on the music scene, for almost Three years now. In October '05 he met producer script kiddie, and went to record his first single “Everything Changes” and went back in November '05 and recoded Final Thought, He got positive responses from both of the tracks and had various plays around his home town of Kent, again receiving excellent feed back!

In 2006, he went back in to the studio and recorded his EP “Time 4 Sumfin Nu”. Last year he spent most of his time discovering him self and what he wanted to express and project in his music. This year in 2007 he has really blossomed. He has had various newspaper reviews & featured on CRMK radio, with Wattsie and Mahoney.

A true soul on a mission with his recording, he has recorded approximately nine new tracks this year alone, with more in the pipe line.

Soul collaborated on another EP “Supa Fresh” with female producer / singer song writer Smart Kooky, in which he also shot a video for one of the tracks taken off the EP entitled “Eye 2 Eye“. He has also worked with rapper Fathomless1, Guitarist Tipz, and has also joined forces with an overseas Canadian Rapper “Unforgivin”. Soul has worked with several Producers, Including names like DJ Toefinger, J Star, and T-Mac. Not forgetting he wrote, produced and arranged his track “How I've Grown” and is at college studying music tech, where he is gaining skills to be able to further his career in production.

With over 11,000 plays and 10,000 profile views in just over a year on his myspace (Where you are able to purchase his latest tracks due popular demand), Soul still has many more tunes lined up to drop with his EP & an Album also due soon. A strong performer, this man (Along with the rest of the RAW PRIDE family) is set to support Skinny Man, Abdominal & DJ Faze soon in Milton Keynes.

Soul has been described as having a talent, using what he sees around him, his life, and what he’s been through as the fuel for his lyrics. He has been described as an “Urban Poet” And that his music is very diverse and most of all gripping.

For more information and background on Soul, please feel free to visit:

Raw Pride - Immortal FootworkB.Boy Immortal Footwork aka JMC: Youngest of the Pride, JMC is happy to bring the element of Breakin’ to the Raw Pride shows wherever possible! Confident & enthusiastic, JMC brings additional energy to the sets.

For more information and background on B Boy JMC, please feel free to visit:

More About Raw Pride:

So Why Raw Pride? Although the collective feel a rose by any other name is still as sweet, (How poetic) they wanted a name that represented what they are about.

How much thought goes into a name these days? Well… what does it matter?
Raw as in fresh, undiluted, rare, honest, what you see is what you get.
Pride as in self-respect, dignity, self-esteem, & honour.

Terminology? Raw Pride, or Roar Pride? Take it how you want but whether it’s a Lion on a pound coin, the Lion of Judah, or 3 Lions on a shirt, the collective still possess that same strong heartedness as individuals, and when in a collective they are like a Pride of Lions, all kings in this concrete jungle and when they do their thing the crowd too Roar with Pride, like Lions in a Pride… with Pride. But still… A rose by any other name…

Raw Pride are also happy to announce a clothing line in their plans so be sure to watch this space http://www.myspace.com/rawpride and subscribe to blogs for regular updates and news letters.

Round Up:

Once again the standard is being set in Milton Keynes. Raw Pride networked with other likeminded fellowships such as CRMK’s the Session Radio Show, The Pound Presents Skills & Hiphop culture lessons and the integration with Mr Nice Times Reggae Nights, Milton Keynes is certainly beginning to see strength in numbers through unity and peace. How do you feel about a natural progression in a positive non-violent representation within a mixed community for Milton Keynes? Is this the real vibe of MK?

Local Links:

Please note: http://www.myspace.com/rawpride is currently under construction.

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