Ray Lansing -Sulfur

Hailing from North Carolina, Ray Lansing is a multi-talented musician that got his start in music at a young age. He grew up performing in church choirs and watching his foster parents play keyboard and guitar. At the age of eight, he discovered hip-hop and rap.

For Ray, hip-hop is the ultimate form of expression. It allows him to relay his life experiences and to tell stories. Through his music, he hopes to inspire others to dance, laugh, think, cry, and experience life along with him. Ray’s music is broad and has unique and driving sounds that invite the listener to explore his work.

His latest single, ‘Sulfur‘, is an uplifting bop that he freestyled in a one-hour session after Ray saw with three random words from a word generator. From there, he reaches deep in his soul to give his listeners pieces of himself on the track. His musical inspirations are J. Cole, Nas, DaBaby, JID, and EarthGang.

When Ray writes a song, he listens to sound and embraces what he feels to create his lyrics. He shares, “Whatever comes to my heart is what ends up on paper or wax“. Regarding future projects, Ray is planning to release an EP in the summer of 2021. To his fans, he says, “I love my supporters more than apples love trees. Also, I want to say ‘SCHLIZZAC.’ They’ll know what it means“.

Listen to Ray Lansing’s ‘Sulfur’ on YouTube and Spotify.


Ray Lansing -Sulfur

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