ReadNex Poetry Squad

The ReadNex Poetry Squad is a group of four performers that enlighten with Spoken Word Poetry and Conscious Hip Hop. Cuttz, Decora, Freeflowin, and Latin Translator met four years ago in college while each of them was individually attempting to make a difference in their community.

The goal of the ReadNex is and has always been to inspire its listeners while entertaining them with music and theatrical poetry. Every ReadNex performance is a melting pot of entertainment. For the past four years they have been performing alongside a myriad of well-known performers. A few of the performers they have graced the stage with are Saul Williams, The Last Poets, 5 out of the 9 Tony Award winning Def Poets and Patti Labelle.

ReadNex Poetry SquadWithin the last four years they have completed a U.S., European and an East Coast College tour. They have also won numerous awards and have had many television apperences including 1st place at the world renowned Apollo Theatre, A commercial for "Spanglish" on HBO LATINO and their very own spot on  MTVu.

Currently working on their sophomore album they felt it was necessary to show the growth and artistic development while conveying politically and socially inspiring songs. Blending the style from their successful freshmen debut with their new innovative delivery the sophomore effort "Social Issues" is bound to raise anticipation. They’ve made it their mission to create timeless music and entertainment while educating. This has been thoroughly demonstrated through their Next to Read program. A program, which was developed to enhance literacy among youth. If you ever get the chance to see these young performers be sure to check them out beacause it’s a show you won’t want to miss.

Debefore Records "Singles"
France Underground Mixtape"Useless, Cold World"
"I Write" Streaming online
"Ghetto" Streaming online & in College Radio
"Calles" Playing on College Radio Staions

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