Madi Simmons

Madi Simmons is a reggae artist from the United States. He is mainly known for playing drums and having a strong vocal delivery. Madi has got a wide musical range and has the ability to send your mind to a nostalgic place. His key musical influences are Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, John Bonham, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh among others.

He entered the performing scene at the age of 16. He started out by playing the drums, songwriting and singing. He has learned to perfect his beats over the years, but he prefers to impress the listeners with his voice, as you will hear in his songs. Madi was voted best indie artist on two different showcases, including top indie male reggae artist award for 2018.

He has toured in quite a bit in the last 20 years, performing at many major events. He has been performing on stages from the Pacific Northwest, California, Hawaii,and from the Midwest to the West Coast. Madi is still pushing out his sweet reggae music and now he’s interested in touring Europe.

Madi Simmons’ new song is called ‘A Love Conspiracy‘. As the title suggests, it’s a song about love. Due to all of the conspiracy theories around it, he decided to write a song about it because he wanted to spread some love and positive vibes. The artist hopes that this song will make everyone who needs and wants love in their lives, feel loved. He wants to keep love alive.

Regarding his songwriting and recording process, the artist said: “I do most of the recording myself, along with mixing. But when I work with other producers, they do all of the mixing. Song lyrics comes to me naturally; when i hear a melody, words start flowing in my head and I just jot them down”.

Madi has many songs out on the internet right now, and there will always be more to come. He loves performing at festivals, clubs, casinos and farmers markets.

The artist enjoys listening to many different genres, but he has currently been listening to Boston a lot, as well as Lucky Dube, who is a singer from South Africa. Madi would be more than happy to collaborate with any artist who reaches out to him as he loves and respects everyone. He is currently working with another female artists on one of his new songs.

He believes that social media is a great way to connect with other artists as well as his fans, so he loves engaging with people on social media because it keeps his inspiration flowing and truly helps him.

Listen to ‘A Love Conspiracy’ by Madi Simmons on Soundcloud.

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