Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal Real

Britishhiphop.co.uk: always at the forefront of the best in UK Hip Hop, has been following RHYME4RESPECT: the nationwide lyric competition since it’s launch at Deal Real Records earlier on  this year.

We brought you exclusive news from the launch party at Deal Real Records, we brought you an exclusive Rhymefest interview : where he spoke about his role in the campaign and now, we are bringing you an exclusive first look at the winners and their blazing tracks.

Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal RealBritishhiphop.co.uk in association with Rhyme4respect will also be bringing you the opportunity to download one of the tracks exclusively! Now that’s dedication for you!

The Rhyme4respect competition in association with MTV Base, Galaxy FM and Footlocker, offered songwriters, singers, rappers and street poets aged between 12 and 21 the opportunity to show off their lyrical skills and win the chance to collaborate with the UK’s finest artists and producers. The aim of the competition and the fundamental message was to encourage young people to think and talk about the issues of relationships, safe sex, self respect and respect for others- through music and engaging lyrics.

The competition itself was launched 20th July 2006, after a public vote on the website between 21st and 27th August 2006. A short list of ten entries per artist was then judged by a panel of industry experts who then went on to decide which entries had the best lyrics to promote the Rhyme4resepct themes of: self respect, positive sexual relationships and safer sex.

The six wining lyrics were then recorded by Akala, Estelle, Terri Walker, Rhymefest and Lyracis. Now the name Lyrasis may ring a bell with you as he is one of the competitors in ‘Chancers’, Channel 4’s ‘urban music X Factor’ where UK artists are competing to win a managing deal with Matthew Knowles the founder and Manager of Destiny’s Child. Now if that isn’t  enough for you, the final track features JME, Sincere, Bearman, Bigz, Scorcher and Ny. The collection of tracks will be released as part of a free limited edition Rhyme4Respect album in late January.

Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal RealSo by now I’m sure your dying to know who the winners are, we won’t hold you in suspense much longer. Check out the names:

Rhymefest in collaboration with Eugene Sewell 19, from Birmingham with a track called ‘Click‘.

Lyracis in collaboration with Cleo Larmond 19, from London with a track called ‘Take
Your Time

Akala in collaboration with Jody McIntyre 16, from London with a track called ‘Respect Yourself’.

Estelle in collaboration with Taja Watkins 18, from London with a track called ‘I’m Driven To It’.

Terri Walker in collaboration with James Thoo 21, from Leamington with a track called ‘Its Gotta Be More’ and finally Various Artists with a track called ‘Know Yourself’.

Music and lyrics have always been a powerful method of communicating to and with the masses. Music can enpower, inform and educate young people and the Rhyme4Respect message is well worth promoting. So readers, as you can see it’s all positive stuff so lend your support!

For further info on Rhyme4Respect check out the website www.rhyme4respect or www.myspace.com/rhyme4respect.

Remember you can get free and confidential sexual advise on the helpline 0800 567 123 or check out http://www.condomessentialwear.co.uk

By: Michelle Adabra

Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal Real

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