Ring Tones Drown Out CD Singles

The ring tone, an irritant to many, has become the music purchase of choice for teenagers after generating more than double the income of CD singles this year, reports The Times Online.
Ring tones generated about £120 million of business during 2004, according to figures released today by the financial services company KPMG. Sales of CD singles continued to plummet, with recorded sales worth £55 million, down by 15 per cent.
With digital replicas of hits now available as “true tones”, the ring tones market is set to outperform CD singles and the nascent online download market in 2005.
The global ring tone market was worth an estimated £3 billion this year and contributed to Britain’s youth mobile phone market valued at £3.2 billion. Ministry of Sound, the record label, estimates that it will generate £15 million of income from ring tones in 2005".
February 07, 2006
5M Mobile Music Downloads Per Day In Japan according to the latest Mobile Music Japan newsletter from Euro technology “5 million music downloads to mobile phones are sold every day in Japan according to our estimates — 99.8% of music downloads are to mobile phones and 0.2% are to PCs and portable MP3 players.

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