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Eric Shandroff aka Myster-E Edutainment is a creative and captivating Hip Hop MC, spoken word poet, and teaching artist. He currently works as a teaching artist for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, facilitating workshops in schools for poetry and Hip Hop. Myster-E serves as a board member for Rappers and Rabbis, an organization that fuses Jewish Education with Hip Hop practices. Myster-E is deep rooted in Hip Hop culture as a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, and has opened for Hip Hop icons such as KRS One, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Joel Ortiz, Papoose, and more. Myster-E is now a U.S. Hip Hop Cultural Ambassador for Next Level USA and has been named to represent Team Poland, in which he will be performing for audiences and facilitating workshops and classes.

Rise Above‘ highlights an element related to mental health, that of suicide awareness and more importantly suicide prevention. Mental health is a topic that is very near and dear to the artist’s heart because he has openly dealt with depression throughout different periods in his life. The track aims to serve as a sense of hope, urging listeners to push past their pain and trauma, overcome their moments of darkness and despair by seeking a silver lining and searching for that light at the end of the tunnel and for better days ahead. Eric hopes it can serve as an inspiration and impact those who may need to hear this message if and whenever in a moment of weakness. The song should be a reminder of why it’s so important that they RISE ABOVE.

The artist says that his fans are drawn to authenticity, powerful storytelling and meaningful messages: this track provides all of that and then some. The song contains a phenomenal flow throughout, with unique and heartfelt storytelling. This song reaches through to the heart, engages emotion and encourages us to Rise Above our challenges. Fans can tune in because if they are at rock bottom and relate to that with the characters, but by the end of the story they can and will be able to rise above.

The artist’s sound is original, versatile, unique, adaptable and ever evolving. Some may say it is underground, though it lives and flows above and beyond the surface level.

Myster-E’s musical influences include Nas, Eminem, Jay-Z and many more. He would like to collaborate with Nac because he has been E’s favourite MC as an adolescent and into his early 20s.

When asked about his songwriting process, the artist said, ‘Sometimes I may feel inspired to write on a topic in the form of poetry, then later edit and revise it so that it flows and fits over a beat. Other times I may hear a beat and be inspired within that moment to write. The sounds can help me to create the lyrics while tapping into my creativity and flow. Typically I like to have a topic or theme when songwriting. It helps to keep me structured and grounded. Most importantly, I write what is real to me. I write with purpose. I write with the intention of educating, entertaining and inspiring’.

There will be an EP/full-length project dropping at the end of this summer. It will include ‘Rise Above’, along with many other singles the artist has released this past year. It will also include some exclusive never released songs.

The artist says that social media is important for his work. It’s a gift and a curse because often he likes to disconnect from social media to recharge. Also, he likes to interact and speak with his fans. The DMs, comments, likes, shares, mentions – it means a lot.

The artist sends a warm message to his fans: ‘I’m grateful you could relate and find value in my work. I appreciate everyone who has ever come out to a show, shared a song or video, bought some of my merch, or showed love whether online or in person. I am excited for what the future has in store for me, for y’all and for us. I love yall. Stay blessed. Thank you’.

Listen to ‘Rise Above’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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