Rob Morton

Rob Morton, a singer-songwriter based in NYC and CT, has released two albums: “Private Moon” and “Lucky Back Then“. He has over a million listens between streaming, YouTube videos, and on his Instagram account.

Rob’s music video for his song “Just One More Day With You” has won Best Music Video in five national award shows. The music is a happy yet sad song about true love and loss. It’s  about that feeling you have when you first fall in love – that all-consuming dizziness that you just want to hold on to – if only for just one more day. The song also depicts loss – it was Rob’s tribute to his grandfather who passed away, whom he was extremely close with. The song evokes the feelings of how good it would be to have just one more day with a special person who has gone away. As the song says, “One more day to make no plans, to lock your fingers in my hand“.

Everyone has lost someone in their life. Sometimes it is an aging grandparent. Sometimes it is far more tragic than that and a loved one is taken from us too early. Listeners of this song can relate to the feeling of having just one more day with a special person in their life.

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