Robbie Coulter, also known as ROBTOP, has been working on music for just about a year and a half now. He’s been making connections with a bunch of smaller talented artists like himself to work with. He has been focusing all of his emotions and energy on his passion for music, making many new songs and YouTube videos for them.

ROBTOP’s song “Fly Away” features Valious and Apollo the wave, two of his closest friends. The song has reached 350,000 streams across all platforms. The song is about being broken and used too many times. The artist recalls how he was told he wasn’t good enough and uses this song to show everyone in his hometown what he’s all about. It’s the perfect way to say that he’s ready to take on the music industry.

The artist said: “I want people to connect to this song because of the vibes. You can dance to it regardless of if it makes you happy, sad, mad or anything in between. I just want you all to feel the passion coming out of this song and enjoy it”.

 The song has an outstanding hook from Valious that really helps it blast off. Apollo the wave finishes it off with the most packed energy you can have. Apollo the wave is ROBTOP’s biggest influence in music. Other than that, he looks up to Juice WRLD and Dro Kenji for inspiration sometimes. This leads him to have a very different and unique sound. He’s got some crazy flows and switch ups!

The artist has a unique song writing process. He listens to the beat for three days and on the 4th night, he begins to write with all the emotions and feelings that he’s been keeping suppressed while listening to the beat previously. This routine helps him click with the song almost every time he’s handed a beat. He works with his buddy, Apollo the wave, in the studio together. Apollo is a great producer and engineer and in the last year, he has taught ROBTOP a lot of tips on how to create his own music.

He has recently only released the single, ‘Fly Away’, but he mogjt surprise us with a full album sometime in the future. He has never been able to perform before but he’s ready and excited to start performing at any opportunity he gets. He would also love to collaborate with more artists in the future, such as Iann Doir, Dro Kenji, or 24k golden.

He listens to a mixture of genres because he’s constantly lookkng for inspiration to keep the melodies going. Lately, he has been enjoying listening to a lot of his new unreleased songs and is extremely excited to share them with his fans. He’s exceptionally grateful for all of his supporters’ help. He hopes that his audience can double the growth by 2022.

The artist believes that social media has been very useful for him to make connections with people, be it a group of inspirational musicians, or his own fans and community, the people he promises to never let down.

Listen to ‘Fly Away’ by ROBTOP on SoundCloud and Spotify.


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