Roc Raida (The X-Ecutioners / DMC World Champion)

Roc Raida began his DJ career in the early eighties. Surrounded by such inspirations as his father, a member of the Sugar Hill Records act Mean Machine, Raida cultivated his interest into an absolute passion. Now, Roc Raida is considered among the best within the hip hop and DJ scene and has brought the art of Turntablism and Party rocking to a fresh new level.

Raida gained prominence as leading member of the World famous New Yorkican crew, the X-Men who, for obvious of copyright reasons, later became known as the X-Ecutioners. Champions of furthering the turntablist movement, the X-ecutioners made their reputation by utilizing the techniques of beat-juggling; the manual alteration between individual kick and snare sounds to create original drum patterns in real time. This practice has been an inspiration and a force in Roc Raida's style.

The X-Ecutioners have worked with many famous artists on their albums Built From Scratch and Revolutions ranging from Kool G Rap to Cypress Hill and contributed to a remix of Run-DMC's "King of Rock".

In 1995 Raida, was crowned DMC World Champion in front of a massive London audience. At the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, Raida was appointed "Grandmaster", by Hip-Hop's founding fathers. Rules for this honor state that one may only be bestowed with the approval of another Grandmaster; Raida was not only approved, but also welcomed by Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore and scratch evolutionist DST. To round out a phenomenal decade, Raida was inducted into the DMC Hall of Fame at the 1999 DMC World Finals in New York City.

He has produced records for artists, such as, Big L, Fat Joe, Ghostface, Jungle Brothers and Linkin Park, to name a few and has dropped scratches for artist's like O.C.'s classic "Time's Up" to pop sensastion Pink's new album "I'm Not Dead".

Roc Raida (The X-Ecutioners / DMC World Champion)

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