Papcy TheDon

‘Rockstar’ by Papcy TheDon is simply a reality check, as the artist says. ‘There was a time I was in the streets, hustling to survive, and also making music. But God smiled on me and my story changed. Now I can make my music at ease, I’m no longer referred to as a local artiste, I’m an international and heavenly made swag boy’. The artist says that the fans can connect to the message of any song he sings. He just loves making them dance.

The artist’s sound can be described as a mix of fusion of Afro and pop. He would love to collaborate with Burna Boy, Beenie Man, Davido, Wizkid and Shaun Paul.

When asked about his songwriting process, Papcy TheDon said, ‘I first get an idea of what I want to sing about and then make my beats and call my engineer/producer to get to work. Also, depending on what inspires me, I start with that or if I come across a beat that inspires me, I write something around it, but if I’m inspired by something around me and I start writing songs, I get a good producer to make a beat around it‘.

The artist says that he can create lyrics without music because he is very creative and he is very good at using any situation to make music/lyrics, especially when he is playing with his kids.

Currently, the artist is working on an EP, so the fans should definitely look forward to that.

Papcy TheDon says that social media provides a space for him to socialise with his fans and connect with the kids on the street, especially to help them to do the right thing and understand that the struggle won’t last forever. He gets to know what part of his song they dig, or maybe something he does which they love. The artist pays attention to positive criticism as well, so he can always improve on his music. ‘Thank you for supporting my music and I promise to always give you something worth your while’.

Listen to Papcy TheDon’s songs on Spotify.

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