Roh - Watch It Die With Me

Roh describes himself as “carefree meets conscious with high potency“. Some of his musical influences include Lil Wayne, Kanye, Drake, J. Cole, and Wiz Khalifa, among others. This is evident in his epic and meaningful music.

He describes his sound as “serious” and his sound as “music that keeps the soul moving and the mind right“. This is something that is lost all too often in today’s industry, so Roh sets to change that with his important and soulful messaging behind his music.

His song ‘Watch It Die With Me‘ is a standout single from his 8-track EP entitled ‘Meen Green‘. Roh shares that the track comes from a place of pain but bears powerful, hopeful, and determined tones with the sense of overcoming running through it all thematically. He also says that releasing an album or a follow-up EP is a possibility, but for now he is planning to drop singles.

Roh’s musical process starts with hearing instrumentals before the words begin to show up. He usually links up with producers online in search of the perfect beat. Following that step he records, mixes, and masters his songs on his home studio setup.

Roh is someone whose purpose shines through his music and you can feel it the second his energy jumps out of the speakers.

Listen to Roh’s ‘Watch It Die With Me’ on YouTube.

Roh - Watch It Die With Me

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