Brightlights are a band from Yorkshire, England but now reside in the South of France. They are a working band specialising in events all over the world. During the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic, they began writing again and the first single is ‘Roller Disco’. The song is reminiscing of better times and looking back in history. The song is a fun catchy track with captivating lyrics that will make you listen to it on repeat. 

The sound of the band can be described as the 80’s vibe with modern production, big drum sound and loud guitars. Their musical influences are The 1975, The naked and famous, MGMT, Fickle Friends, LANY, Coldplay, Flor, St. Lucia. Currently, the band is listening to The midnight and Joan and enjoying the production of both these bands.

Brightlights write together in their studio in the old town of Nice. They take an idea in and write and self-produce together.

The band always love performing back in the UK. They always see familiar faces when performing. They also love to perform in their home town of Nice, France. ‘We had a residency in a bar called Waynes where we were the house band for 5 years!’

‘Roller Disco’ is the first single off the band’s upcoming EP, so fans should definitely look forward to more songs. 

The band say that social media allows you to connect with fans all over the world and keep them in the loop to what you are up to.

Brightlights want to thank their fans for the support.

Listen to ‘Roller Disco’ on Spotify.

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