Rossi Ahkay

Rossi Ahkay is a UK Hip Hop lyricist based in Hertfordshire, influenced by the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks, Wu Tang Clan, Big L as well as others. He believes lyrics and flows are more important than image.

Rossi played guitar from a very early age, getting to an experienced level, then snapped his wrist resulting in arthritis. Music didn’t stop though as he’s always been a huge Hip Hop fan from a young age turning to DJing and writing later on.

He loves the art of rhyming, construction and the building of different schemes and flows for certain rhythms is fun for him, so expect him to appear on some experimental sounds very soon.

Rossi has three previous group albums under Diabolik Prophets, OVC vol 1,2,3, he also has a solo Hip Hop EP with Inos beats called Burnt Spliffs And Broken Egos. As well as a remix edition of that EP. The artist also has a slightly different sounding album more inspired by current situations called Awol Vol 1. Vol 2 will be released within the next year along with another solo Hip Hop EP with some hard hitting UK beats!

In September 2021 Rossi and producer Inos bring some fire with Synergy. A classic sounding Boom Bap epic talking about the way these guys come together to create that “Synergy“.

Rossi Ahkay

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