Royalpreisthood - Built To Last LP

It’s a long held belief that having a heart for the people are their central focus – particularly for the youth as they are our future and are heavily influenced by today’s hip-hop culture, as stated by the multi talented artists The Royalpriesthood, one of many emerging trendsetters in culturally-conscious aware Hip Hop. 

Long-time stalwarts of the now no.1 dance global genre, the Royalpriesthood have spent many years cultivating their art, the fruits of which “Built To Last” their new long player, will be delivered in late spring 2006.

Collectively drawn together for the last ten years the trio – husband and wife Smoovflow and Roucheon (pronounced Ro-shon) and her brother Silas, are the names behind The Royalpriesthood, the latest breed of underground Hip Hop talent emerging from the streets of UK. The group have had had some recognition, having had numerous nominations at awards ceremonies like the UMA‘s and the MOBOs. This dynamic trio came to us with superb lyrics laced over bumpin in-house production which has earned them respect in the UK Hip Hop scene.

Royalpreisthood - Built To Last LPThe sound of the group is a harmonious blend of hardcore beats with cutting lyrics but a melodic influence of a soulful sound. They have a touch of the god botherers about them as they state that their music truly inspires them to become closer to our maker. They continue that, ‘Having a heart for the people is the central focus particularly the youth as they are our future and are heavily influenced by today’s hip-hop culture’.

Their vision for the future is to go mainstream with maximum impact and yet still keep the message very clear, to bring the elements of raw Hip Hop to bring excellence with a compassion for people and a passion for the music, to reach everyone possible with the message of positivity.

When you see them live you can see them performing cuts that include the cult underground classic ‘Stop The Violence’, the big hitter ‘Move’ and others from their coming long player. If you get the chance catch the faces behind this very engaging trio ahead of their LP release “Built To Last”.

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