S1mpul - Hold You Down

‘Hold You Down’ by S1mpul is based on his personal relationship experience. He confesses, ‘My girlfriend and I weren’t seeing each other enough. I was missing her company, her touch, her voice. We were both busy working and it was hard to find time to see each other, therefore I wanted to express my feelings about it through a song’.

The artist believes that his song brings out emotions people feel when they are alone and missing a person they want to spend time with. ‘Hold You Down’ is about staying loyal, working hard and doing the most to stay with the person you are in love with.

The artist’s music is chill and mellow, inspired by his emotions, people around him, relationships and late-night drives. When making new beats, S1mpul likes to add a ‘water atmosphere’ to it, making it sound like being under water. Although he does not have a strict song-writing routine, the artist always creates a beat first and the words just flow afterwards.

S1mpul produces all of his music himself and is looking forward to releasing an EP sometime during wintertime.

The artist feels inspired by Tobi Lou’s music and would love to collaborate with him one day. He also listens to Lil Uzi Vert, Drake and Smino on a regular basis.

S1mpul loves to connect with his fans on social media where he shares not only his music but photographs as well.  The artist appreciates everyone who supports his work and listens to his songs. ‘Thank you to all my supporters, I send LOVE to you all.

Listen to ‘Hold You Down’ on Spotify.


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