S.A.S. Present Their New Mixtape Where Is S.A.S?

The London Duo make solid comeback with new mixtape and talk on future plans. S.A.S. are back and they are reaffirming just why they grabbed the attention of some of the industries most famed with their new mixtape Where Are S.A.S? Brothers, Mayhem and Mega, based in North London have lived and learned over the last three years after their deal with Diplomats / Rocafella left them sitting on the sidelines.

Now they are back to reintroduce themselves with a mixtape which  features  some of the East Coasts most promising  talent. Where is S.A.S? boasts collaborations with the late Stack Bundles (R.I.P), Jae Millz, 40 Cal, Ransom, Un Kasa and Tom Gist (Dipset).

S.A.S. Present Their New Mixtape Where Is S.A.S?However beyond working with American artists, S.A.S have collaborations on the project with their own faction, Eurogang, and UK grime artist Scorcher. Having learned how the industry moves through their affiliations with Dipset and with Dame Dash the duo are now stepping out on their own with their thirty strong Eurogang Crew to finish what they started.

There has been great speculation as to what the outcome would be for the brothers after their relationship with the Diplomats didn't prove quite as lucrative as expected. "The only brand we are repping now is S.A.S – Eurogang, our homeland crew and family", explains Mayhem. "We are still very much affiliated with Juelz Santana and consider him family, regardless of music. But in regards to Cam'Ron and Jim, we will not be signing with either of them. We felt both parties had ample time to get us deals, so now we don't see why they should eat off something they had no input in. It's still all love between us and them but business is business and they would do exactly the same thing if they was in our shoes", he concludes.

So taking the reigns of their own destiny S.A.S. are hitting the streets hard with this, their fourth mixtape. The duo have secured extensive clothing endorsements and have been featured in two episodes of the MTV / Channel 4 Interactive TV Series 'Dubplate Drama' as well as launching their own YouTube TV show also called Where is S.A.S? which consists of ten raw, uncut and at times comical episodes, documenting the brothers and their Eurogang contemporaries in their every day world.

01. Where I Live
02. Nothing Long
03. World's Apart feat Jae Millz
04. The Future – Eurogang
05. Rockstar Living
06. 22 + 2's
07. We Gettin High feat Unkasa & Tom Gist
08. Bringin London In The Zone
09. Built This City pt 2 – Eurogang
10. So London
11. Shooting Stars feat Scorcha
12. Shake & Break feat Ransom
13. Still Frozen
14. What Do I Do? feat Villain
15. Welcome To The Set feat 40 Cal
16. Rollin feat Ru Spits
17. Take Off!
18. Minaj Et Trois feat Nikki Minaj
19. Swaggers Up feat Marvelous
20. 'Fresh remix' – Ru Spits feat Stack Bundles, S.A.S & Remo The Rapstar

I-Tunes Release Date December 17th
Retail Release Date February 4th

S.A.S Present their new mixtape Where is S.A.S?

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