SAS - Where Is SAS?

You know them as SAS, the brothers from North London who attracted the attention of Dame Dash, Kanye West, The Diplomats and established themselves quite comfortably in the Hip-Hop world. With a fan base spanning Australia through to Atlanta it would be hard to pinpoint a county that has yet to have heard of brothers Mega and Mayhem. It is however with all their extra curricular activities outside of Hip-Hop that have them coining the phrase "The Runway Boys".

As with all the success they have achieved in their Hip-Hop escapades, the duo have been equally, if not more successful in fashion. "We definitely picked up our keen sense of high end fashion from our mother. As far back as we can remember we been in Italian tailored outfits and 012 Benetton", explains Mega. Having established strong working relationships with numerous companies and securing clothing endorsements with Maharishi and a slew of other designers including Red Monkey Company (RMC), Triumvir, Lyle & Scott, Futura Laboritory and Hood Rich, the brothers took a trip to Barcelona for the annual Bread and Butter Trade Show. SAS having received a personal invitation from RMC.

The cover of their new mixtape Where Is Sas? has the brothers wearing the new Yoropiko jean suits which will be unveiled to the fashion industry at the show. Mega and Mayhem will be travelled to Barcelona with a who's who of the fashion industry. Their party consisted of fellow Eurogang member Haze, Paul Morarji of RMC, Martin Yat Ming, the designer of the exclusive suits worn by SAS and Ericso, the designer of the Bathing Ape logo. "We have always worked with American artists but now with setting up an office here in the UK, we were determined to work with UK artists and SAS fit the bill; plus their image and their work ethic were a perfect fit for Red Monkey Company", explained Paul Morarji who owns the European license for RMC.

SAS - MayhemThe Bread and Butter Trade Show which brings together established and emerging labels responds to both diversity and culture. It has provided  hundreds of designers with a great platform to reach the fashion conscious amongst us throughout its seven year history. This year the Barcelona show ran from 16-18 January will attracted over 1,000 vendors and over 90,000 visitors. And SAS were there in the midst of it all. "Going to this Bread & Butter event is like putting 2 little kids in a giant toy warehouse the day before X Christmas. Barcelona is also a city we know very well due to previous p.a's in '06 & '07, so it's familiar territory to us", said Mayhem.

These dedicated followers of fashion emphasize just how important style and individuality is to their entire existence in their recent video for So London. The track is the lead off single from their new project which is available on iTunes right now and which will be released to the streets on February 4th, 2008. The video edited by American Jordan Tower, who is responsible for the Come Up DVD series, popular with the Hip-Hop community, shows the brothers in an environment they are very familiar with, clothing stores. So London is shot between three clothing stores, the new Jean Charles de Castelbajac showroom, the DPMHI and Maharishi stores in Covent Garden, London creating the perfect visual setting for the fashion driven anthem.

There are no restraints on SAS. Their position with the Diplomats may have never materialized into what that they had hoped, but the brothers being the proactive double act  that they are have ensured that they maintain relevancy right across the board. Music and fashion just happen to go hand in hand in the world of these Runway Boys.

For all the recent happenings in the lives of Mega, Mayhem and their Eurogang you can visit their one stop shop for all things SAS and Eurogang, which also features their YouTube reality show, Where is SAS?

S.A.S. - The Runway Boys

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