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‘Satellite’ is Hue Hinton‘s debut single. The song describes the feeling of solitude and feeling like you might not relate to everyone. Hue wrote this song to help listeners who relate know that they are not alone in their struggles. It was written, produced and performed all by Hue. The hook, ‘why you turn me to a satellite‘ is a metaphor that sums up the message of the song.

Fans will connect to the emotions coming from solitude in this song. Last year was a hard one with COVID bringing out the worst in a lot of us and this song was written in the heat of quarantine. This song is good for anyone that wants to put life on pause and appreciate the beauty of music. It will connect with those who feel like they are alone in the sometimes cruel world.

Hue’s sound is hard to be boxed into a single genre but a good description of it would be a medium between cloud/emo hip-hop and alternative rock with some RnB tones. 

Balancing the consciousness of his lyrics along with the production is very important in his process. The artist’s goal is to create a catchy sound that will resonate within the listener’s head for a while along with relatable, conscious lyrics. There is a strong focus on mental health awareness in a lot of his lyrics.

Notable artists that influenced Hue include Mac Miller, Brent Faiyaz, Lil Peep, Mac Demarco and Brakence. As mentioned earlier, Hue focuses on mental health awareness in his music and all of these artists are similar.

When asked about his songwriting process, the artist said, ‘Before writing a song, I usually am inspired by a strong emotion I feel. In starting to create a song, I either play a melody or find a sample for the lead instrument that reminds me of the emotion I feel. I then sing and hum melodies that would sound good over the lead instrument and start to write lyrics around these flows all relating to the theme of the emotion’.

Hue is looking to release an EP sometime in the upcoming fall season, but have yet to name it. He has a good amount of songs ready to go, but he wants to create a theme around these songs that will be the EP’s theme.

Recently, the artist has been listening to a lot of the Beach Boys and Tyler the Creator. He loves the way the Beach Boys use harmonies and express raw emotion in a simple way. Hue has been listening to Igor by Tyler the Creator a lot as well because it brings him happiness in times of warmer weather. 

Social Media is important to Hue because it gives him an opportunity to inform his fans of the music he is currently making or have made in the past. ‘I think any form of Social Media is a good portfolio for fans and new listeners to discover my music and the motivations behind it. It also might help them relate to the music more by seeing how I live life’.

The artist would like to say thank you to his fans for believing in him and his vision. His purpose behind making music is to help people know they are not alone and to influence the world in a more positive way.

Listen to ‘Satellite’ on YouTube.

Hue Hinton

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