Sedona 89 - Lovesick

‘Lovesick’ by Sedona 89 is an electronic song with some catchy female vocal chops. This is the second single from an upcoming full-length album. The song is slowly building up to a huge wall of sound drop that has a heart pulling melody. You can definitely feel the emotion in the chopped notes as the jagged sounds bounce in an interesting and pleasing manner in this single. It was inspired and written after a conversation the artist had with his mixing engineer. The artist wanted to capture that feeling when you are so in love with a girl that a simple text from her can make or break your whole day. Not quite sad but definitely a longing undertone can be heard in this track.

The artist’s musical influences include Porter Robinson, with whom he would love to collaborate, Marshmello and Skrillex.

Interesting simplistic rhythms and a deep emotional melody are what make Sedona 89’s sound unique. When creating music, he usually starts with a catchy chord progression. After that, he makes variations of it and starts to build a story.

The artist is deeply grateful to anyone that takes a minute to listen to his music. He says, ‘Time is precious and having fans who choose to spend some of their time listening to my music is an honour‘.

Listen to ‘Lovesick’ on Spotify.

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