Taylor Haun

Taylor Haun has a keen sense of rhythm developed through 10,000 hours of practice in drumline, band, and many types of musical ensembles. He is classically trained and studied music at the Jacobs School of Music in Indiana. Additionally, he has gone on to play professionally in Cuban, Brazilian, Indian, and fusion bands in Austin, Texas.

His sound is a blend of handpan, electronic, and orchestral sounds that crosses through the pop territory. According to Taylor, “His lush handpan music will gently soothe and entrance you into a meditative state then finally electrify you with blissful vibrations“. He adds, “You will move between states of meditative stillness and dynamic ecstasy“.

His latest single, ‘Eclipse,’ is a handpan improvisation recorded in the studio during the 2020 pandemic. The captivating and relaxing sound of the handpan immediately takes you to another world. Taylor plays from the heart and in the moment, which brings a special energy to his music.

The song seeks to connect the listener more deeply with themselves through its meditative quality and peaceful vibrations. You’ll find that the simple rhythm of the song will settle your anxious mind and provide bliss. Similar to how the eclipse is a special planetary alignment, ‘Eclipse’ is intended to make the listener more aware of the forces surrounding them.

Listen to Taylor Haun’s ‘Eclipse’ on YouTube and Spotify.


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