Sunset Capone

Shattered Dreams‘ by Sunset Capone is a reflection of life and the constant feeling of loss felt throughout the daily uphill battles. The song touches on the feeling of life getting colder as time progresses and the fire we all once had being smothered into a smoulder from all the opposition we’re met with. Altogether the song reflects the life of someone who has had their dreams shattered after a constant uphill battle with tons of losses and the feeling of hope just slipping away. The artist says, ‘I think there are more people on this planet that have felt overwhelming pain in their life than those that have not and this song could let them know that they are not alone’.

The artist is influenced by Lil Peep, Post Malone, 50 Cent and many more artists. He would want to produce a beat with Travis Barker playing trap drums, Flea on the bass, Tom Morello making Peep style samples on the guitars, then have David Draiman from Disturbed on the chorus while he, 50 Cent and Eminem put down verses.

Sunset Capone produces all of his songs himself. He starts by playing the piano or guitar and does basic beatboxing to determine the beat he wants to make. The vocal ideas come next and when the song is finished the artist sends it to his label Gunlock Records.

The artist says that he would release an EP or full album if the fans wanted to. He writes a lot of content but it takes serious time and effort to get proper exposure when you are not rich.

Sunset Capone says that he mainly focuses on Instagram as his Social Media platform. ‘Instagram lets me talk directly to fans of my music and find out why they like or don’t like a song I put out. Sometimes fans will tell me deep thoughts or stories and I’ll let them know my view on what they tell me from my perspective, many times it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re in it. If I can help someone with something I will try but I often find I don’t have enough time to help everyone. I know I can’t directly fix anyone’s life situation but if my music can let them feel less alone then I’ll use social media to find those people that feel lost and try to connect’.

Listen to ‘Shattered Dreams’ on Spotify.

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